Yesterday, I stumbled across a Nollywood movie titled “SS3 students”. The title of the movie suggested that it will be about the life and struggles of final year students in secondary schools and since my younger sister is in the secondary school, I invited her to watch the movie with me only to find that the movie was contrary to all expectations, it turned out to be an inane depiction of lewd sexualities.

Embarrassing as it was, it opened up channels for conversations about sex and sexualities with my sister; and since the talk went very well, I decided to summarize it in this series of articles.

Sex is everywhere. Music videos, movies and print media try to promote sex as a normal part of human life often prioritizing it with food or shelter. This in turn has made the age for sexual debut significantly low
amongst Nigerian children.  Some years back, a video surfaced on the internet showing a girl of 11years and a boy that is barely 5years old doing things some of us only imagine.

Sex, have been painted as the only expression of love that humans have; and since our most basic necessity is to feel loved and accepted, people are giving away sex to anybody who would talk and laugh with them.

But is this the original design of sex? Was it supposed to be a priority in our lives? Are humans supposed to think so much sex, talk so much sex, sing about so much sex and have so much sex embedded in all activities as we do these days?

If there is anything I am very sure of is this: Sex is a secondary necessity for man. Sex for man is more than just a tool for procreation

It is a tool for self-actualization, a tool for sharing. It is not the major part of love but it is a vital one. Sex should only come after you have a clear understanding of certain basic principles of life else, like any other wonderful gift of life, sex can be misused and as a result become disastrous to an individual’s development and progress.

This series of articles will discuss what you need to know and do before you decide to lose your sanity and if you have already lost it in the wrong way, the principles in this series of articles should guide your thinking the next time you want to share your body with someone.


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