We continue with the second episode of our title “Becoming Better At Work Place- Key To Doing Better In Your Career”. In case you have not read the first episode where we talked about Intuition and Gut Feeling you can read it up here.

Our main focus is to highlight those our often neglected personal qualities call it emotional competences which are more than ever before required to excel at our work places, careers, business and other pursuit. These are soft skills which to a greater extent add colour to our technical, intellectual/educational and every other qualifications or competences we have garnered over the years. These soft skills are most essential in today’s career world more than at any point in human working history even as the business world is becoming increasingly service oriented more than ever before. In this episode we will look at one of the key emotional competence that bespeaks of stars in various field.

Empathy: This is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. Empathy requires at the very least being able to read another’s emotion. At an appreciable level, it entails sensing and responding to a person’s unspoken concerns or feelings and at the highest levels, empathy is understanding the issues or concerns that lie behind another’s feelings.

The prerequisite for empathy is self-awareness, recognising the visceral signals of feelings in one’s own body. At work the most effective and empathic are the ones best able to tune in to their body’s own signal for emotion- a great quality for any job where empathy matters, from teaching, customer care service to sales and management.

Empathy is one of the great qualities of star performers at work place. Being able to pick up emotional clues from individuals and helping them overcome their challenges is particularly essential in situations where people have reasons to conceal their true feelings though only verbally as mortals can keep no secret. If their lips are silent, they gossip with their fingertips, betrayal forces its way through every human pore.

Picking up or detecting these unspoken concerns and helping the individuals by tuning in to their feelings, showing concern and giving those little tips that could see them overcome those challenges and concerns is one of the most sort after qualities in today’s career world and having it or acquiring it would be of great benefits to career men and woman world over.

A sales person who is able to show empathy by tuning in to his/her customers’ feelings, who is able to show good interest in their concerns will make a better sales than those who do not posses the emotional competence called empathy. This applies to all other areas of human careers. These qualities are not what you learn from schools. They are inbuilt or owned competences which can also be cultivated by those not born with it. Which ever way it comes its worth to note again that the prerequisite for empathy is self-awareness, recognising the visceral signals of feelings in one’s own body. Those who can do this successfully fare better in their job and are always star performers.

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