Having a great career before now has been linked to making good grades while in school and getting a good work place once out of school but all that have been seen not to translate to a great career in recent years as the work place is becoming increasingly complex that a good grade, technical knowledge could not be used as a guarantee one will have a great career in certain company. This is especially true today as most businesses have gone from technical to rendering of services. Its almost a world of service-oriented business at this point more than any other time in human history. Companies who rely more on their technical savvy alone are finding it increasingly difficult competing with those who have taking this soft side of business called “Service”.

The rules in the work place are changing. People are being judged by an entirely new yardstick. People are not only being judged by how smart they are, or by their trainings and expertise, but also by how well they handle themselves and each other.

Its not about just the hard skills/technical skills anymore that guarantees success in a career but much more the soft skills. These new rules does not take much cognisance what we were told in school; academic abilities, intellectual abilities and technical know-how are largely irrelevant to this standard. This new trend in work place focuses more on personal qualities, such as initiative and empathy, adaptability and persuasiveness.

These soft skills are mostly human/personal skills and in these series or episode we will be sharing those soft skill that workers, staffs and people in a work places need to have or acquire so as to make the most of their career even in this complex business world where companies don’t just compete with product alone anymore, but how well they use their people.

In this episode we will look at one of the major human or personal qualities needed at work place nowadays.

Intuition and Gut Feeling: This bespeak the capacity to sense messages from our internal store of emotion memory- our own reservoir of wisdom and judgement. says Daniel Goleman in his book- ‘Working With Emotional Intelligence’.

This intuitive ability lies at the heart of self-awareness which is the vital foundation skill for;
•Emotional awareness: the recognition of how our emotion affect our performance, and the ability to use our values to guide decision making. •Accurate self-assessment: A candid sense of our personal strengths and limit, hence, a clear vision of where we need to improve, and ability to learn from experience.
•Self-confidence: The courage that comes from certainty about our capabilities, values, and goals.

In the work place, recognising one’s emotions and their effects- knowing which emotion we are feeling and why, realising the link between our feeling and what we think, do and say, recognising how our feelings affect our performance and having a guiding awareness of our values and goals is key to being a star performer in our field. This skill comes into play in most job, particularly those that involves dealing with people about any sort of sensitive matter hence, its worth cultivating this skill of Intuition and Gut Feeling into our human system.

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