beauty_for_ashesTim sees a beautiful girl-joy walking along a road as he drives. He stops her and they get chatting, from there they start dating, while they dated she is an undergraduate at a university. Few months later he marries her. Still studying Tourism and Hospitality management in the university, she moves her things from her hostel to her husband’s house. They start living as man and wife.

As everyday passes by, their affection starts degenerating. Suspicion and hatred sets in. No day passes by without them quarrelling. From not knowing how to cook good food for him to not giving her satisfaction on the bed. And it continued until one day he gives her the beating of her life, then she packs her things to leave the house with intention of relocating to the hostel after reporting him to her parents and filing a divorce.

He hears her plans and threatens he will make sure she will not be attractive to any other man. She tells him his threats are empty. In fact, within 30days she will marry another man. The quarrel turns into a fight and he grabs a bottle and he spills the content of the bottle on her face.

She screams and rushes to the bathroom. Some neighbors force themselves into the house and hears her screaming in the bathroom, a lady goes into the bathroom and screams aloud as she sees joy’s face. Other neighbors rush into the bathroom and see her face, they are all shocked. Her face is disfigured with blood gushing out. She keeps screaming tim’s name as they tried to rush her out of the house to the nearest hospital.

As they enter the parlour, they realised tim is nowhere to be found, she points at the bottle on the table, screaming that’s what he used. One of the neighbors grabbed the bottle and read the label which boldly reads ‘CONCENTRATED ACID’. He takes the bottle along as they leave the house. Today, joy and tim have divorced, but no man can look at joy’s face two times without shaking his head.

Tim later left the country with another wife after settling the case in the court. Joy remained single for the rest of her life because of her disfigured face. Her beauty has turned into ashes.

The End!

Lesson: Be careful with whom you end up marrying and do not let your beauty get into your head. Beauty can be undone.

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