Baby bathing

How to Bath Baby

Bathing a baby is no big deal especially if you master the act very well. Though some mothers run away from this aspect of child care simply because they feel they might make some mistakes that will harm their babies. This is seen especially amongst career mothers who don’t know much about domestic things not to talk of child care. But if they are willing to learn surely they will know how to do because the responsibility of taking care of their babies is solely theirs and no one else. Here are some steps to help you learn the act;
1. Boil water and pour in a clean bowl.
2. Dilute the hot water with a clean cold water to become lukewarm water.
3. Bring another big bowl or bath as some call it, put your two legs in the bath while sitting down on a stool.
4. Place the baby on your laps, with your left arm anchoring the baby’s delicate head.
5. With your right hand, add a drop of dettol or any good disinfectant that will not react with the baby’s skin, in the bowl of lukewarm water.
6. Apply baby’s soap on your soft sponge and dip slightly inside the water, to make the sponge soapy or foamy.
7. Sponge the baby’s body starting from his head down to his body. Avoid sprinkling water or sponging directly on his face.
8. Then sprinkle the lukewarm water over his body and don’t pour but sprinkle water with the soft sponge.
9. Dry his/her body with a clean soft towel.
10. Apply baby lotion on his/her body and baby jelly oil on his/her hair. Apply baby powder, if to keep his body cool and fresh.
11. Then put on his/her clothes.

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