Football lovers especially the EPL enthusiasts will be happy the mandatory 2 weeks FIFA/International break is finally over as footy actions resume at club levels again.

It is also that time of the long season when actions at club level is reaching its crescendo and players, managers as well as the loyal supporters are ecstatic seen their team pick points or berate them when result don’t go their way. The fight for the title which is the reason for entering the competition in the first place is uppermost in minds of most managers and teams especially those at the upper echelon of the league table while the need to avoid the drop or being relegated occupies those in the bottom part of the log.

The Barclay’s English Premier league dubbed the best league in the world returns to action for the week 31 fixtures. With the UK time (initially 1hour behind Nigeria time) now on par with the Nigeria time, it is expected that matches which are hitherto played at 4pm Nigerian time will now kick off at 3pm. That is matches to kick off 3pm both in the UK and Nigeria. A list of the matches for the weekend are listed below.

Sat. 04/04/2015 fixtures
Arsenal vs Liverpool 12:45
Everton vs Southampton 15:00
Leicester City vs WestHam Utd 15:00
Manchester Utd vs Aston Villa 15:00
Swansea City vs Hull City 15:00
West Bromwich Albion vs QPR 15:00
Chelsea vs Stoke City 17:30

Sun. 05/04/2015
Burnley vs Tottenham Hotspur 13:30
Sunderland vs Newcastle Utd 16:00

Mon. 06/04/2015
Crystal Palace vs Manchester City 20:00

Football lovers will do well to keep in mind the recent time adjustment in some part of Europe with UK gaining 1hour so as not to miss out on the kick-off of the various matches.

It will be more interesting also to keep up with this tab for previews of some of the games. The weekend is already poised to be a fun filled one as fans troop out en mass to support their favourite teams while also enjoying themselves in the process. Like we always preach in football; Exhibit the spirit of sportsmanship wherever you are watching from irrespective of the club you support. Fair game to all and may the best team win.

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