When you’re considering setting goals for yourself, remember to examine your work life. What changes could you make to become more productive, what habits should you do away with? Some bad habits could gradually ruin you and your career.

NOT PROMOTING YOUR OWN WORK: Promoting your work is essential. Your work might be fantastic, but if no one knows about it, it won’t help your reputation, your salary, or your advancement opportunities. Make sure that your manager knows about your accomplishments, whether it’s kudos from a hard-to-please client, waste you uncovered and fixed, or anything else that goes above and beyond your normal work.

PROCRASTINATION: This is the worst thing you can do to your career. Plan your work, make reminders, set up an alarm clock, do whatever you need to do to not procrastinate. Emails will keep coming, blogs will keep updating, friends will keep calling. The important part is to organize your activities so that they don’t put your work on hold.

LAZINESS: If you want to kill your business, being lazy is the perfect way to do it. It is one of the worst habits out there. It will affect your desire to work, which will make you put off deadlines, which will affect the quality of your work, which will make your clients leave you.

NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO MISTAKES: We are all human beings and we can all make mistakes, and it’s ok. However, it is important to identify the root of the cause. If you lost a client, find out the reasons behind it, if you got a complaint make sure you do everything possible to not make the same mistake again.

LATENESS: You never want to be late when it comes to your career. Showing up late is a horrible habit that makes you seem unreliable. In interviews, meetings, conferences or even for your day-to-day schedule, you should always arrive on time. In fact, aim to show up to work or meetings 5–10 minutes early. A flex window like this will account for unanticipated obstacles, while still getting you to where you need to be—on time.

BEING A SLOW RESPONDER : If a client, coworker or manager sends you an email, leaves a voicemail or any other form of communication, respond as quickly as you can. Your response time affects their productivity, so try to be respectful of their time by responding in a timely manner.

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