Avocado is a fruit that makes hair healthy and shiny when applied to the hair. It moisturizes the hair and restores shine to otherwise dull hair. This is because the oil in avocado is well absorbed into the hair shaft and scalp, thereby preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth.

You can make an avocado treatment for your hair so that your hair can benefit from its properties. Get a ripe avocado and open the fruit by cutting it into two halves with a knife, then scoop  out the soft inside of the avocado into a bowl. Use a fork to mash the avocado into a paste or pour it into a blender and blend it to a paste.

Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 1 lemon or lime to the avocado and dampen your hair before applying it to your hair. Make sure you work the avocado from the roots of your hair to the ends then leave it on for 30-60 minutes and cover the hair with a shower cap. Wash your hair afterwards and dry it, then style it as desired.

You will notice that your hair is shinier and softer than before, do this regularly for healthier hair. Try this out and you will get fantastic results as lots of people especially ladies that have used avocado has attested to the efficacy of this wonderful fruit for promoting hair growth and achieving healthy and shiny hair .

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