Pay Per Click as an Advertsing Medium

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an online method of advertising businesses. The advertisers or publishers as the case may be, place images of their goods or services on strategic positions of the hosting website and when the advertised image is click on some money is deducted...

Cord Blood, how important is it?

In the past, after a woman delivers a baby, the umbilical cord is cut and thrown away or buried. But scientists have discovered that the blood in the umbilical cord contains stem cells and can be used in the place of the blood from bone marrow transplant. This blood...

Family Planning, a necessity.

Family planning allows individuals and couples to anticipate and attain their desired number of children and the spacing and timing of their births. It is achieved through use of contraceptive methods and the treatment of involuntary infertility. A woman’s ability to...
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