How to get a Loan

A loan can be defined as the act of lending money to an individual or organization for a specific period of time with the aim of paying interest on the loan as at when due. The interest so paid can be referred to as the profit for giving out the loan. Interest on loan...

What is a legal advice?

Legal advice is a counsel given to a person that is in written or oral form, it treats matters relating to legal issues that may affect the rights and/or responsibilities of the person being advised. Only a qualified lawyer can give legal advice, while legal...

Who needs a Rehab?

Rehab is short for rehabilitation. Rehab is a place where people with serious ailments are taken to and trained on how to manage these ailments. Ailments include, drug and alcohol addiction, mental illness and criminal tendencies. What to expect at a rehab The rehab...

How electricity is generated

Electricity is a major resource used world wide. There are certain places in the world where they can’t do a day without electricity. Though very dangerous if not well utilized, but very useful in carrying out domestic and industrial activities. Methods of electricity...
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