Relaxing of hair can cause damage such as, breakage and shedding to the hair, this is because relaxers work by breaking the protein bonds in the hair to straighten it. If you don’t want this to happen to your hair after retouching it, you need to start your preparations a week before you touch up your hair with relaxer.

Therefore, to avoid getting damaged hair afterwards, there are a few things you should do differently.

Your hair should not be porous therefore you need to carry out a porosity test on your hair strand. Porous hair absorbs moisture fast and this is not good as it sucks up water and chemical fast thus causing damage to hair. Get a few strands of your hair from your comb and put it in a bowl of water. Hair that is not porous will not absorb water and will float but porous hair will sink.

Prepare your hair a week before retouching by removing hair extensions and braids, then do a moisture and protein deep conditioning for your hair as retouching your hair immediately is not good for the health of your hair since the hair is weak in this state.

Avoid scratching your scalp in the week leading to your retouching. If you have itchy scalp, apply coconut oil that has been mixed with peppermint to your scalp. You should also avoid workouts because it will make your scalp sweat and become itchy.

Use a clarifying shampoo to rid your hair of product buildup or do an apple cider vinegar rinse on your hair to clarify it and don’t use products that contain alcohol on your hair during the week before applying relaxer to your hair.

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