addictionAddiction can be defined as an enslavement to some habit such as drugs, alcohol , etc.  Habit at the other hand can be defined as a practice or intake, a person is always fund of doing or taking at will, it is an act done under self control, but when it reaches to a point where the act can no longer be controlled by the individual, it has then become an addiction. In this case a victim of addiction can be called an addict.   Most times the problem of addiction starts from an early age, between the ages of eighteen and thirty, or more.

Addiction can be as result of maladjustment, that is mental disorder or in some cases , neurotic disorder. The addict himself is a maladjustment individual who sees whatever he is addicted to as relief to his tension and anxiety.

Factors that can lead to addiction include, a form of nagging situation or some sort, that cannot change. Others may include, loneliness in life; especially amongst the singles in the society, disappointment in life; whereby the addict feels his dreams in life cannot be achieved, shyness ,inferiority complex, lust; in the case of masturbation, etc.

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