Shiny hair means healthy hair, but for women with curly hair, it is harder to get their hair shiny compared to women with straight hair. This is because the nature of curly hair absorbs light while light gets reflected on straight hair and it is registered as shine to the eyes. Irrespective of this fact, hair of any texture can be shiny, but if you have curly hair or you have hair that is not shiny, how do you achieve shiny locks of hair?

Whether curly or straight hair, shiny hair can be achieved by doing the following:

Moisturizing your hair regularly will keep it looking shiny at all times. Moisturizing ensures hair does not dry out. Get a good moisturizer for your hair and apply daily. Water is also a good moisturizer that can be applied to the hair to keep it shiny always.

Some natural oils are known to make hair shine as they can easily penetrate the hair shaft to reach the cortex of the hair thereby nourishing and lubricating it. Some of these oils include coconut oil, avocado oil and olive oil. Using these oils for your hair not only makes it shine, it also makes you have healthy hair. Therefore you need to ditch hair
creams that do nothing for your hair and incorporate these natural oils into your daily regimen and your hair will be better for it.

Tea rinses and beer rinses for hair makes hair shiny, so save some of your precious teabags and put aside some of those beer you love so much as they will help your hair achieve more shine.

Henna is also good for achieving shiny hair. It is a natural conditioner which when used regularly will bring back the bounce and shine to dull hair.

Having said that, keep it in mind that hair looks better when it glows.

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