There are accessories that are very essential for you to have in your wardrobe to make you a real woman. When you have these accessories, you can never get it wrong. These pieces are basic accessories that are versatile and compatible enough for any wardrobe.

BLACK DRESS: A sleek and elegant black dress can be worn to any formal occasion like a business party or a meeting. You can easily pair this dress with any type of sweater you like. The color of your top can be either dark or light, depending on your choice. Black dress can also be worn to a dinner or a party with friends. It will make you look just right, neither too formal nor too casual.

A PAIR OF BLACK HEELS: A very good pair of black heels will last you a lifetime. You can wear it to the office or out for cocktails. Black heels are a must-have!

PURSES AND BAGS: Carrying an oversized bag to a business dinner is a fashion error and a clutch would work better for such an occasion. Hence, it is imperative for women to have different types of handbags with them. Purses, clutches, oversized handbags, beach bags and stylish wallets should be a part of your wardrobe. Oversized bag is essential for the fall season as you would need to stuff the layers of clothing that you wear in case you suddenly start feeling warm.

TAILORED SKIRT: You will need this for Interviews, meetings, or dinner parties. A tailored skirt is the perfect staple for looking both dressed up and sophisticated.

WRIST WATCH: A good watch will keep you on time, and it’s an excellent layering piece between piles of gold bangles.
SOLITAIRE DIAMOND EARRINGS: For the biggest bling for your buck, opt for a modest pair of diamond studs.  The workhorse of the accessories world, they go with everything and will never, ever go out of style.

A SEXY SET OF LINGERIE: Whether you’re married, single, or in a complicated relationship, you should own a set of underwear that makes you feel instantly sexy and irresistible.

SUNGLASSES. If you don’t take care and protect your eyes, you tend to look older than your age. You should Choose a pair of shades that isn’t trend specific, letting you protect your eyes during any season. Make sure you pick a shade that suits the shape of your face.

A STATEMENT NECKLACE:  Choose a necklace that reflects your taste and style,it will be your new go-to accessory, even when it’s the only piece of jewelry you wear. It’s great for those days when you’re in a rush, as it will complete your outfit while still encompassing your sense of style. Your statement necklace could be bold and bright to dainty and feminine.

LIPSTICK: Some women don’t like it, but lipstick is a must have for every woman. It brightens the face and makes it look younger. Make sure you have a lipstick in your purse or bad, and make sure you choose a colour that suits your skin tone.


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