A real man’s wardrobe is indeed a work of art and it reflects someone’s work ethic. The contents of the wardrobe separates the real men from the rest and for many men, coming up with the right wardrobe can be a huge challenge. Here are items which every man will need, with this a man can never get it wrong.

SUNGLASSES:  Every man should own a good pair of sunglasses. They aren’t just for style, either — they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. But yes — they also make you look dashing. In recent years, aviators have become a popular sunglass choice among men.

WHITE SHIRT:  This is the ever-classic mainstay in every man’s wardrobe. The standard white shirt can be an invaluable clothing item in both casual and professional settings; the key is that it’s subtle enough to withstand fashion trends.

BLACK LOAFERS: Loafers are a certified male wardrobe staple, if only because of black loafers’ true virtue: their simplicity. Free from laces, the loafer is the ultimate in slip-on, slip-off comfort. And because of their minimalism, they will never go out of style.

WHITE T-SHIRT:  From thin undershirts to standard cotton white Ts, fitted white T-shirts are a wardrobe staple that may never go out of style, mostly because of their year-round versatility.

DARK TWO PIECE SUIT: You can wear it to the office, to evening events, to family gatherings, to weddings.

A TRAVELING GARMENT BAG:You need this because you’re going to need to take those suits with you, and a grown man does not arrive with a wrinkled suit.

BROWN SHOES:Black shoes are great, but they simply don’t match as many things as brown shoes. A great pair of brown leather oxfords will work with suits in navy, gray, tan and more, plus they’ll work with jeans!

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