Choose your companions carefully.

It is really stale to try and explain to you that the people around you will shape your future with you! Although  you live a life of your own creation. However, it’s a fact established that if you want to succeed in life, then you ought to be wary of your companions(see Goodluck Jonathan’s most important message to the Nigerian youth[part 3]). It admonishes us that “bad company corrupts good manners”. In modern English, it will sound like this: bad friends distort a bright future.

As a man, it is not a choice to be actively involved in the process of making friends. You must and you should only seek people who inspire you and challenge you to be more than you are right now. There is no amount of blood or love that should keep you with a person who only holds you back or keep you interested in mundane things.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that this does not mean that you shouldn’t even maintain a casual relationship with people you knew who seem not to be going anywhere in life. A smile should be ready for everyone you know and meet and it costs you nothing to say some pleasantries to your old buddies who are still stuck in the ‘weed smoking stage’. However, you must be careful to give only the minimum amount of time to these relationships and associations. Gifts cannot pay for your absence but they can remind people of your presence. So be generous with gifts.

Please note that as a man, you cannot keep relationships that are completely opposing to your ‘I AM’. If any of your relationships is conflicting with your major defining purpose, you do no wrong to initiate the break-up. Even though it may seem heartless and hurtful of you to do so, it is the best thing to do and as you know, man must do what he has to do.

Remind yourself this fact anytime you have to explain to yourself why you have to be the one to pull the strings: ‘You may be responsible for all of your relationships but you are not responsible for the behavior of the people you let into your life. You have been open and willing to let someone into your life but s/he was treacherous and disloyal to you/your purpose therefore you should let him/her go. The person will learn to respect you for your truth and
your straight-forwardness as they grow more matured.

Meanwhile, keeping them in your life will only groom bitterness and negativity- exactly the kind of things a man must not keep in his life.

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