Respect the Manliness of other men

The concept of Macho men in Nigeria is so absurd. To the normal ‘street guy’ he is a macho man when he can command other men around, insult them because they depend on him and take whichever girl he lusts for regardless of whose wife/girlfriend she is. This banality is very common with some Abuja big men who think that they can get your woman because they have big cars and expensive clothing.

Another thing that men do when they achieve success is to intimidate and belittle their colleagues or friends who were not as fortunate as them in the pursuit of wealth. This behavior does no one any good and should be avoided.

Never should it be heard of you that you were the reason behind another person’s sadness, sorrows or depression. Neither should it be heard of you that you were the de-motivational factor of another man. That is not how real men act. That is the behavior of boys.

You on the other hand have been called to cross over the 21 year limit into manhood; a brotherhood that is characterized by a mutual respect for each other’s hustle and condition.

You should always be a source of encouragement and motivation to the next man even if he has taken a path that isn’t really profitable. Pour out your best support to his venture before trying to advise him on the best path to take. You should understand that men need advise but not condemnation and you should never make enemies of a man that refuses to take your advice. His failures are the experience that brings out the best in him. So don’t be vexed because he decided to experience failure instead of listen to you!

Do not pet a man either! Reserve your petting for the women and children in your life. A man should be told expressly the obstacles he is going to face on any venture he decides to embark. Do not sweet talk him or cajole him or make him see them lightly. He should see them as they are or even nastier than they are.

The male path is filled with obstacles. It typically includes more failures than successes. These obstacles help a man discover what’s truly important to him. And if he fails, he will learn to sieve out activities that are not really important to his goals and purpose.

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