Face your fears.

I have always envied the men I see in movies that depict life of a previous century. They were brave, really brave. The movie I admire most is ‘300’ where a king and some three hundred men went out to face the largest army of their time. Was that logical? No! But who cares about being logical? Was there an attempt of the impossible? Yes! And that is what a man should be!

It is very pathetic these days to hear men talk about fear. You are the head of your family and consequently, you are the head of the world we live in. This means that you are to challenge anything that raises itself as a threat to your existence or to the well being of the people of under your care. How will you do that if you are overwhelmed by fear?

Fear should have no place in the heart of a man. Being afraid of something is reason enough to do it. When fear drips through your spin, it is just calling you out to a challenge and it is only courteous for you to pick up its challenge. For you soldier, you must not hide from your fear. If you do, you will feel weak, helpless and overpowered.

Do you fear to speak in the public? Are you scared when you are told about a math test? Do you feel the enslavement of the fear of people preventing you from meeting moguls that could support your business? You are denying the world a taste of your manliness.

You should make risks your friend and move head on to overpower whatever it is that scares you. You must engage them boldly. Cowards never make attempts but you will try to stare your fears in its face and with confidence strike to subdue it. You may fail or succeed but you will face it.

I am not sending you out to face an army of millions alone like they did in the movie. I am only urging you find others who have the same fears and together begin to work to develop a structure to comfort yourself. If you get sweaty palms when you hear about Mathematics, maybe it is time to meet others who feel the same about Math.

Next time you hear ‘Mathematics’ don’t scare away but tell yourself that I will subdue Mathematics. Do this over and over until you actually believe it. Then begin to practice mathematics. Meet other students who are good in mathematics to mentor you. Then develop a retreat. A retreat is what you will do when you begin to give in to your fears again. For example, when you get overwhelmed by the complexity of Mathematics, you should do take a walk around the campus telling yourself how you will subdue mathematics until your confidence rises again then go right back to do some more math.

That is facing your fears and you must do so to any fear of yours!

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