The kidneys are important for the purification of our body system. They detoxify the blood enabling waste to get filtered out through our urine. A healthy human being has a pair of kidneys. Kidney diseases are very expensive to manage and a number of habits are responsible for causing this diseases. Our daily habits can contribute to damaged kidneys and if you are guilty of any of the habits outlined below, you need to change them to avoid having damaged kidneys.

Holding back from urinating when your bladder is full: when the urine stays in the bladder for too long. This can cause bacteria to start breeding in the urine. The bacteria multiply fast and this could damage your kidney. Therefore, when nature calls, heed its call quickly.

Not drinking adequate water: not drinking enough water causes the blood to be concentrated causing inadequate flow of blood to the kidney, thereby impairing the kidneys function of eliminating toxins from the blood.

Consuming too much salt: most of our salt intake is metabolized by the kidney. Consuming too much salt can therefore raise your blood pressure and put pressure on the kidney, therefore desist from the habit of putting too much salt in your food.

Taking too much caffeine: apart from drinking coffee, most of the soft drinks we consume daily contain some amount of coffee and you end up consuming more caffeine than you actually intend to consume, this can have an adverse effect on the kidney. Limit your intake of soft drinks
to reduce your caffeine intake.

Not taking your drugs: hypertension and diabetes accelerate kidney damage, so if you have been diagnosed with one of these diseases, take your drugs.

Excess alcohol intake: toxins in alcohol can damage the kidney, therefore drink it in moderation.

Stress: this can increase your blood pressure; hence, there is a need to strike the right balance between work and rest so as not to put unnecessary pressure on your kidney.

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