Do not curb your sexuality, transform it!

Have you ever heard some arrogant woman say “Men are dogs?” or “all men are the same?”

They are right to an extent, becasuse we men, were all baked in the same mould and we all have almost the same desires and the same in-built mechanism only that we use them differently.

Most times, modern men let themselves to conform to the patterns and expectation of this feminist world and they end up becoming women
themselves. For this reason, our society experiences a higher rate of divorce than any other society. The fact is two women can never live in peace with one another for more than a year.

Our world wants to enforce its manners on us and that has reduced
our manliness to unforgivable levels. So, we love to hunt down animals eh? They put in a law that hunting down animals that you wouldn’t eat is just inhumane. We have stopped that now. Then we began to fight one another, not that we hate each other but we just want to hit each other sometimes and express our manliness. They said that was just too is so unrefined. Then we became polygamous, we want to be surrounded by women we just like having all that option around then they said that polygamy isn’t the family way.

Well, we are not going to take that. We started to practice quasi-monogamy where we have one wife and one wife only but multiple
girlfriends and affairs. And now, they call that unfaithfulness.

What do they want from men?? Do they want us to curb our sexual energy too??

By no means!

Sex and our sexual energy are things that make us men.  Sex is the main driving force of nature. It ensures the continuity of life as we know it. Most of our energy arises from our libido so giving up our affairs will only turn us to powerless beings.

But since it is necessary to maintain balance, and since we are loving and caring beings (laughing in Japanese); we can make some sacrifices and that is to transform our sexual energy to something higher.

As men, we must be careful not curb our sexual energies and unending libidos. We should rather learn to allow re-channels most of our sexual energies to our hearts and heads, where it can serve a higher purpose
instead of just our animal instincts. We must channel our sexual energy into our major defining pursuits and use that energy to drive us into action.

Our sexual energies are one of our first spiritual experiences in life.  It presented us with moments when we fill ourselves with a calm and awareness, completely absorbed in the now, through a sexual orgasm. Allow your sexual energy to draw out the creativity, determination and power in you!


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