1. Broiler Chicken  FAST MATURITY: Unlike snails. It takes chickens about 24 weeks to attain full maturity. This means that you can rear two sets of chickens within a year. Some farmers even sell their chicken after about 20 weeks.Broiler Chicken However, this often reduce the market price of such chickens.
  2.  HIGH DEMAND: The demand for chicken meat far exceed the supply. This accounts  why chicken meat sellers still import chickens inorder to augment for this shortage in supply and meet the high demand, this is an assurance of sales.
  3. Broiler ChickenHEALTHY SOURCE OF PROTEIN: Chicken meat is a healthy source of protein. In fact, health experts have confirmed it to be better than red meat. Hence, increased demand.
  4. PREPARATION OF DELICACIES: Chicken meat is used in the preparation of both local and intercontinental dishes. Thus, it is highly sought after by various homes, fast food and restaurants scattered across the country.Chicken delicacy
  5. GOOD SALES PRICE: Chickens are very expensive. A fully matured broiler sells for 2,500ngn to 3,000ngn in Nigeria. This price range sometimes go up. Especially during festive periods. Like Christmas, Easter, Sallah and so on.Broiler Chicken
  6. EDUCATION: Starting a broiler farming business does not require any form of formal education. So, anybody can start and successfully run a broiler farm.


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