You must learn to love, and to express it.  

The most pressing problem we face as men is that we were all born and raised by women. As such, a great part of womanliness-if there is a word like that- rubbed off on us. This problem has been there since the beginning of civilization but it is becoming more severe with the high rate of single motherhood. The absence of the father figure for the boy child leaves him only with his feminine part and the observations he manages to make, to guide his choices.

One of the ways this early exposure to only feminine personalities is distorting the manliness of the modern day man is in the area of love. A man should be an active giver of love, not a passive receiver. But today we find men that demand to be loved as a condition to keep the family together. I mean honestly, it is ok if your lady or wife likes to pet you and make you feel loved and cuddly all round but it is not your right.

You should not be afraid to initiate a conversation nor to ask for what’s needed. You shouldn’t be ashamed to say “I love you”, if you really mean it. You are the head of humankind and you are humankind’s gateway to relate with the universe. So, it is your duty to share the love of the creating super intelligence with the world.

I know how we all long for that mother figure to remain. We all wish to find that woman who would give everything up for you: sell her jewelry to feed you, deny herself sleep to make sure you can sleep, ask how your school day was, rub your head and tell you how proud you make her. But that would make you a boy and not a man. To be a man means you must wean yourself from suckling the energy of others and become a vibrant transmitter of energy

You must allow that liveliness and love to flow from the creator, through you and into the world. Do anything to feed your those who depend on you, deny yourself sleep to see to their safety and comfort, ask them how their day went, rub their head and tell them how proud they make you. You must understand that you only become a man when you can assume the role your mother was/is to you in somebody’s life.

And when you assume that role, you will have no doubt that you are living as your true self.

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