Yoghurts   in  Nigeria  is  a  lucrative   business  in  Nigeria,  many people  like  the  taste  of  yoghurts,  including  children,  adults, and   the  elderly,  though  some  complain  that  it  has  a  sour  taste,  while others  complain  that  it  causes  them  running  stomach.
One of the ways to make the business of how to start yoghurt marketing in Nigeria interesting is by not only limiting your business choice to yoghurts alone, but also including other variants of ice cream. To  succeed  in  yoghurts  business   one  must  put  some  things  into  consideration,  which  include;

 1. Get the knowledge:   If you do not have the knowledge of how to make yoghurts before now, the knowledge is very critical.   All you need do is to look for the right places where people are trained in how to make and start the business and enrol in it.

2. Do a market survey plan:  Draw a market survey plan. Every serious person who wants to go into any business must do a market survey.

Market survey helps you to get important information. Having said this, yoghurt marketing in Nigeria is no exception.  Here, you can decide whether to be buying from a known company and be reselling or start up your own yoghurt making business. Additionally, you can be selling yours and other variants.

3: Look  for  capital  to  kick  start  the  marketing business:    The truth is, you can never think of materializing the business idea of how to start yoghurt marketing in Nigeria without having means through which you will source your capital.

It is better you buy or rent a vehicle or better still, get a minibus and have a mini refrigerator installed in it to always keep the yoghurt chilled because many customers like to have chilled yoghurt, and this is one thing you must do to meet their taste.

4: Purchase necessary tools:    If you wish to make and market your own yoghurts, you must buy necessary equipment that you will need for the make of it.  I am sure they must have told you in the training that you need refrigerators, dispensers, air conditioners, yoghurt sealing machine, cones, plastic spoons, rotary cup filling, etc.
 5: Know  your  market:  After you have settled the issue of finances, this is like a follow up on the survey you have already carried out, that  is  knowing   your  product  is  highly  needed..
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