We have grown up to hate Mathematics either consciously or unconsciously. We have heard many tales about the subject either good or bad. As a student, as much as we would love to be good in mathematics, we just couldn’t. This is not so much about how difficult the subject is rather its so much about the myth that have been built around the most important subject in school- Mathematics.

It is therefore, high time we broke the myth. Parent and guardian ought to help their children and ward learn and become good in this subject rather than demoning the subject. In truth, Mathematics is the easiest subject to learn and understand. This is possible when you understand the basic rules and principle guiding the subject which we will talk about later on this page.

On this write-up however, we will capture the effective keys to learning Mathematics at all levels. Parents, guardians and subject teachers can easily inculcate this into their wards and boom! You will see them flying excellently high in Mathematics.

1. Knock down the myth: the first step to becoming good in Mathematics is by kicking out that old myth people have about Maths. Mathematics is not a demon, its not a devil’s incarnate as well. “Maths is the most difficult subject” you hear them say. “Maths is confusing and uninteresting” you hear some mumble. But, that’s not all true. The truth is Mathematics is the most interesting and easiest subject to learn. I mean I can study Maths all day- doing some calculations, solving equations, playing with numbers and all that. The key; knock down that old and ugly myth you have about Mathematics.

2. Develop a positive mindset: the second key is to develop a positive mindset towards learning Mathematics. See Maths, learnable. See it as easy to learn, see it as simple as adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing numbers. In all fairness, everything about Mathematics revolves around those 4 basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). When you see Maths that way, you are on your way to becoming good in the subject. Just see Maths as fun.

3. Start with the Basics: Mathematics involves working with numbers and it is best to start with basics or simple numbers before jumping into the complex ones to avoid been cut in the web of confusion hence, describing Maths as difficult. Let your kids start with the counting and mastering of numbers before introducing them into operations like addition and subtraction. Let them master the act of simple arithmetic before jumping into geometry or solving algebra. Maths should be learnt in progression or steps.

4. Get Enough Study Materials: Nothing could be as frustrating when you can’t understand a mathematical step in one text and you don’t have another text you could consult. It could be quite frustrating. Parents should get enough readying or studying materials for their wards. One Mathematics textbook is most times not simply enough as these children will oftentime need to look across various authors to get a particular step in solving mathematical questions. Comparing and studying across different authors is actually good as it helps to broaden one’s scope and understanding of a subject area.

5. Practice: The best way to learn and solve Maths questions is to study examples, follow examples and practice exercises under same topic area. Continuous practice leads to the mastery of that subject or topic as the case may be hence, practice, practice and solve as many exercise you can see on each topic or subject area.

Mathematics as earlier said is not a mystery and their is no myth behind the subject. One only need to develop a good attitude towards the subject and learning it could be easy if the steps outlined here is painstakingly followed.

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