You must be confident in your abilities and weakness.  

Many authors have written loads and loads of notes about this, many preachers have preached hundreds of messages about this topic but the today’s man needs to hear more about this than the man of any time because man has never dwelt in a period that is rapidly changing as the one we live in now.

Do you doubt me? Let’s make a comparison. The man of the 16th century only needs to learn only three things: war, science and religion. Today, we need to learn ‘the art of war’, science, religion, peace, lovemaking, computers, environment, the future etc. Also, there was never a time in history when women have expressed so much of the dissatisfaction they experience with men than in these days. This has led the 21st century man to be greatly lacking in confidence-a trait that is essential to our survival.

You however must learn, first and foremost, to own your attitude. As a matter of fact, you should learn to own yourself. Know what you can and cannot do. Know your strengths and weaknesses so that when you are presented with situations that would give away your weaknesses, you can turn them out straight away.

This is not an excuse to remain stagnate. Even though you are aware of your weaknesses, you must be willing to address them. Learn things that are going to improve you in the roles you play often. Unlearn things that are hindering your excellence and when you have done so, you must believe in your abilities.

You must speak and act with confidence even when failure comes into view. You must go beyond self-doubt. You should know that you can get inundated by situations that are beyond your control, failure may come in certain
missions but you must not surrender before it comes.

Yet, when you have tried your best and you still fall short of the goal post, it is OK to surrender to fate!

Se ti gbo?

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