You must be willing to fail.  

What sort of a man will you be if you believe that you live a life of your own making and you have decided that nothing will be given a higher priority than your primary commitment?

You guess right. You will be a DOER!

Notice however that I did not say that you will become an achiever. This is because achievers are born out of doers. You can never become an achiever just from believing something or by the virtue of a decision. Whoever teaches you anything other than this is trying to manipulate you. To achieve anything at all, you have to start doing something. To do things that are going to be iconic (celebrated), you need to be willing to make mistakes and to fail. This brings us to the third commandment of manliness.

A man must be willing to make mistakes. He must be willing to be wrong. He should rather try and fail than to do nothing.

I once lived in a compound belonging to a man- rather to his wife and this man knows everything about the town. He could really narrate how
every ‘rich’ man in the town made his wealth and he could analyze how every ‘poor’ man met his wreck. But he never did anything with his own life. This must not be heard of you!

A man’s self-trust is one of his greatest assets. When he doubts his own abilities by worrying about failure, he weakens himself. An intelligent
man considers the prospect of failure, but he doesn’t preoccupy himself with needless worry. He accepts that if a failure outcome occurs, he can deal with it.

You should as well learn to grow more from failure than you do from success. Success cannot test your resolve in the way that failure can.
When you only play safe, you lost what makes you a man- the adrenalin, the testosterone, the manly vitality that characterize our gender and you lose edge over a lot of things.

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