healthy child

healthy child


It is important that children eat more nutritious food than they can get so that they can grow well and do not get sick.

The best foods for children at different stages are:

  1. In the first four months BREAST MILK and nothing more.
  2. From 4 months to 1 year, breast milk and also other nutritious foods such as mashed up beans, eggs, meat, cooked fruits, vegetables and cereals.
  3. From one year on the child should eat the same food as adults but more often. To the main food (rice, maize, wheat, cassava or guinea corn etc.
  4. Above all children should get enough to eat several times a day.
  5. All parents should watch for signs of malnutrition in their children and should give them the best food they can.

11 Ways to keep your child Clean

Children are more likely to be healthy if their village, houses and they themselves are kept clean. Follow the guidelines of cleanliness that will be stipulated below and teach children to follow and understand their importance.

  1. Bathe children and change their clothes often.
  2. Teach children always to wash their hands when they get up in the morning and after they have a bowel movement and before they eat or handle food.
  3. Where hookworms exist do not let children go barefooted, use sandals or shoes.
  4. Teach children to brush often their teeth and do not give them lots of candies, sweets or carbonated drinks.
  5. Cut finger nails very short.
  6. Do not let children who are sick or have sores, scabies or ringworm sleep with other children or use the same clothing or towels.
  7. Treat children quickly from scabies, ringworm, intestinal worms and other infections that spread easily from child to child.
  8. Do not let children put dirty things in their mouths or let dogs lick their sores.
  9. Keep pigs, dogs and chickens out of the house.
  10. Do not feed babies from baby bottles because these are hard to keep clean and because illness instead feed babies from the breast or with a cup and spoon.
  11. Use only pure or boiled water for drinking; this is especially important for babies.

Some Vital Reasons Why You Must Vaccinate Your Child

Vaccinations protect children against many of the most dangerous diseases from childhood whooping cough, diphtheria, tetanus, polio, measles and tuberculosis.

Children should be given different vaccinations during the first months of life, polio drops should be first be given no later than two months of age because the risk of developing (fertile paralysis) polio is highest in babies under one year old.

IMPORTANT: For complete protection, the DPT (Diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus) and polio vaccines and must be given once a month for 3 months and once again a year later.

Tetanus of the new born can be prevented by vaccinating mothers against tetanus during pregnancy.

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