Your Relationships Must Not Take the Place of your ‘I AM’

I know you must have heard that ‘A man’s number one commitment is to his family” but verily I say unto you that a man who claims that his principal commitment in life is his relations, associates or his family is either too deceitful or too weak to be confided in for he has lost the hierarchy of his priorities.

What makes you think that your relationships are supposed to be your primary commitment on earth?

Have you spoken to your creator and he has told you that you were created, as a man, only to serve and service the parents, siblings, women and children in your life? Or do you fancy yourself as a free thinker who thinks only duty is to the immediate environment around him and as such to his relationships?

The fact is: A man who values individuals above his own integrity is a wretch!

The second commandment of manliness stipulates that a man must not make his relationship take the place of ‘I AM’.  Simply put, every man should commit to something greater than gratifying the desires
of a few people. Whether it is the service of God, or to the goal of ending poverty in the world or to the aspiration of being the best footballer Nigeria has ever produced, you as a man must dedicate to some greater purpose. You must take responsibility for someone or something that is not your family and become dedicated to that thing.

You will gain the respect and trust of others when they notice your resilient commitment to your goals, your purpose, your creator and your values. Life will test you to see if you are going to put your devotion to others ahead of your devotion to your principles. Temptations will come to expose your true devotion and if you overcome them all you will gain integrity in the sight of even your foes.

However, your greatest affliction in life will begin when you place anything else above your ‘I AM’. Whenever you sacrifice your integrity, you will lose your liberty…and with that yourself as well. You will become an object of pity.

This is the first commandment with a curse.

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