adictionThe types of addiction can be measured by the levels of  how frequent the victim involve himself or herself in such act. We have the primary addiction and the secondary addiction.

The primary type of addiction is the habitual stage whereby the person has not really become enslaved to his addictions yet. At this stage the person is still sensible enough to control his habits at will. For instance, a habitual smoker can decide to either curtail or quit smoking entirely without much stress. Likewise a habitual alcoholic   may   feel like he has been taking too much of alcohol in a day or week and will to reduce it or check it.  At this point, the   person is very much aware of what he is into and can decide at any moment to make changes.

The  secondary type of addiction is the most difficult and severe type of addiction whereby the person has no control of whatever he is addicted to and does not have the will power again to either quit or reduce the quantity or rate of whatever he is addicted to. At this stage the person or addict is said to be a slave or in bondage to whatever that he is addicted to. The addict becomes insensible and irrational in his reasoning. He values those his addictions more than anything in life. At this level the addicts mental state becomes very much in disarray.



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