You Must Believe that Your Life is Yours to design

The most pathetic thing about the 21st century man is that while his privileges are being stripped off him, he is loaded with more and more responsibilities. Furthermore, laws that will make it harder for him to enjoy his manliness are being enacted all around the world. It is only the 21st century man that is required to be a provider while society takes 35% of job opportunities and hand over to women weather they are the most qualified candidates for the jobs or not. The today’s man is still expected to be the provider at home but he is not allowed to order the people he provides for. The man of our days is expected to open doors for a woman, pull out chairs and smile or just walk away when a woman slaps him but when she serves him often, or if by the reason of a loss of control he slaps her, ‘kasala don burst be that’ (pandemonium)

Even though things may look really rough for a man out there, it is a commandment of manliness that you must believe that your life is your own creation.  In essence, as a man you must understand and respect the power of choice. You must believe that you do not fail because society is making harder for you to get a job but you only fail when you fail to decide.

As a man of this modern times, it is important for you to choose a clear path because when you have decided on a particular thing and you are very clear about the path to reach your goals, you can then open the doors you want to open and close the ones that you no longer want. You will be able to hold on to your target and not waver from it as such, increasing your chance to achieve it.

Today, I invite you to discredit any teaching that has made you believe that there are forces greater than you that are interfering with your life. Do not believe that there are any spirits attached to habits or people you have always wanted to dissociate from. Spirits are too busy in their spirit’s world to tie you down to cigarettes, alcohol or porn. It is just not the kind of things they do!

sa_1437470709smsBelieve that everything you are is a result of your own choices. Decide to do something today. Decide to become something today but remember that while you do not need the approval of others to become what you
want to be you are still going to deal with humans.

Begin now, create the life you will like to have; start from your mind and holding on to that image as you hold on to your life then work towards manifesting it in the physical world.

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