Airtel is  one  of the  newest  Telecommunication network  provider in  Nigeria, it has  its   coverage
in  all  the nooks  and  crannies in  Nigeria. Airtel  operates so  many  tariff plans for  its  subscribers, with  the  aim of  making both  life and  communication  easier for  its  subscribers. One  of  the special  tariff  plans provided  by Airtel  include  the smartTALK  tariff  plan.   Airtel smartTALK is a special tariff plan that allows subscribers to enjoy a flat rate of 11 kobo per second for calls to all networks at a daily access fee of 5 Naira. And you can also make calls to 5 top international countries at 20 kobo per second

The rates available on this plan include the following:

1. Daily access charge of 5 Naira

2. The plan charges 11 kobo per second for Airtel to Airtel calls

3. The plan charges 11 kobo per second to other networks

4. International calls to top 5 international countries at 20 kobo per second.  Make international calls.

5. Canada, USA, India, China and UK landlines.

6. Make calls to other international destinations and countries at network rates

7. The plan charges 4 Naira for local SMS

8.  The plan charges 15 Naira for international SMS

9.  The plan charges 5 kobo per kilobyte for PAYU data

10.  The 11 kobo charged per second starts from the first second

11.  You will be charged the 5 Naira access fee only on the days you make a call

12.  You will not be charged for your first migration to the plan in a month. If you have to migrate to the plan for asecond time within the same month you will be charged 100 Naira.

13.  It should be noted that only subscribers who have 5 Naira in their main account balance will be able to make the first call of the day. They will need to have 5 Naira in their main account balance whether they are making calls on the network, that is Airtel to Airtel call or making calls to other networks.

14.  This however does not apply to subscribers who have valid voice bundle plans such as Premier Connect, Talk More, WeekendMAX


15.  Subscribers on this plan can still purchase other plans like the Premier Connect bundle plan, and any other plan they may like to use.

16.  Recharge bonuses or data bonuses are not available on this plan details here  

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