Ofe owerri  is  a  nutritious vegetable  soup  usually flavoured  with  aromatic oha  and  uziza leaves.  It  is called ofe  owerri  because it  is  an indigenous  soup  of the  owerri  people of  Imo  state. It  is  prepared with  oha  and uziza  leaves,  if you  claim  to  be in  owerri  and have  not  tasted ofe  owerri,  know then  that  you have  not  been in owerri, because  it is  their  birth mark  dish. One  peculiar attribute  of ofe  owerri  is that  it  is so  much  enriched with  assorted  fish and  meat, ranging  from asa,  isam   or periwinkle,  stock  fish, meats   of  all sorts,  etc.   Below are  steps  to guide you o  how  to prepare  your  delicious ofe  owerri.


Beef, 8 medium  pieces, Smoked fish,(asa)

2 medium  size  stockfish,

6 pieces  of  4 medium  size  snail (washed),

1 cup of  isam (periwinkle  out of  shell),

2 cups  ukazi  leaves (shredded),

2 small  bunch  of ugu  or  pumpkin leave,

1 cup  smoked  prawns,

1 tablespoon  dry  pepper,

1 small bulb onion,

4 medium  size  red cocoyam,

2 cooking  spoons of  palm  oil,

2 maggi   cubes,

2 cubes  of  maggi crayfish,

2 litres  of  water, And salt  to  taste.



1. Wash  the beef  and season  with  onion, one  maggi  cube and  salt,

2. Allow  to  steam till  juice  dries up,

3. Add  2  cups of  water  , snail  and  stock fish,  continue  cooking till  the  stock fish is  soft  and the  meat  is cooked,

4. Pick,  wash  and shred  the  ugu leaves,

5. Wash  the  fish thoroughly,

6. Add  the  fish and  isam to  the meat  pot  and add  the  remaining water,

7. Peel  and  wash the  cocoyam,

8. Cut  each  into two pieces  and  put inside  the  pot and  continue  cooking until  is  cooked,

9. Remove  the  cooked cocoyam  and  pound and  return  to the  pot  as  a  thickener,

10. Add    the  maggi crayfish,  pepper  and palm   oil,

11. Stir  thoroughly  and reduce  the  heat,

12. Add  shredded  ugu and  ukazi  leaves,

13. Stir  and  allow to  cook  for  about  6  minutes,

14. Stir  and  add salt  to  taste,

15. Remove  from  fire and  serve  with  pounded  yam  or cassava  flower as well as fufu or stach.




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