The Crazy Laws

Every country has a strange law, yours inclusive, While you may be condemning the laws in your country, take a look at other countries’ craziest and strange laws that could have been made by lawmakers when they were not in their senses.

1. In the Uk, a pregnant woman has the privilege of urinating anywhere she pleases, even in a policeman’s helmet. Can you allow this to happen to you if you were a policeman?

2. It is a crime for one to die in the house of parliament in London. Hillarious isn’t it?

3. I holland, you will not be termed a law breaker if you are caught Smoking cannabis, but you will be arrested if you smoke tobacco.

4. Pigs can be raised in Israel only if they are required for medical research, if not, it is a crime to do so.

5. Are you planning to take a trip to Russia? Then check this out, dirty cars attract a fine in Moscow. You must Keep your car clean always while in Russia.

6. In Samoa, you would be regarded as a criminal if you dare to forget your wife’s birthday. Maybe the memory of men there is the sharpest in the world!

7. If you are ever found stepping on the Thailands’s currency,You would be disrespecting the king and government and hence be branded a criminal.

8. For Singapore to maintain cleanliness, Chewing gums are banned in the country.

9. It is very illegal to feed pigeons in the open streets of Venice.

10. During the month of Ramadan in UAE, you cannot have anything in public before sundown. If you love food and always feel hungry a lot, UAE isn’t the place for you.

11.You will be charged according to the income you earn when you break traffic laws in Finland. So the higher your earning income is, the more charges it would attract.

12. If you are caught carrying ice cream cones in your pocket in Kentucky, you would have to shell out a fine. We wonder whether it’s as bad to carry full ice creams in the pocket!

13. The conservative land of Dubai doesn’t allow 2 people of the opposite sex to share a hotel room unless they are married or closely related.

14. Greece has banned its women from strutting about in Stiletto heels on it’s monumental national heritage sites
because they apparantly cause more damage to the ground they walk on, than the wearer’s legs.

Mention some crazy laws in your country if there are any.

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