Leave a Legacy.

 “A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children” (Proverbs 13:22 ) .

These commandments have I resounded to your hearing that you may choose to live and become a great man. The laws of manliness are not burdensome rather they are there to make you the type of man your mother, other women in your life and family members would want you to become. You will be blessed with a blissful and radiant life if you live by these laws.

Instead of allowing this crazy society to subdue you and sap out all the manliness in you, you should accept your raunchiness- the traits and the hormones- that makes you a man and live a great man life.

A true man life is attractive. It is planned, loving, giving, radiant, sexy and spiritual. It will bring more money and women into your life and hopefully, the women will bring some new life into this world, with your ‘thrusting’ contribution of course (winking).

If you will abide by these injunctions, you will be able to develop your inner strength, contribute immensely to the world at large through your creativity and person and then achieve unfathomable wealth and power. By achieving these, you will be able to make peace with death, your creator and the life thereafter knowing that you have put in your best to live out the purpose of your life.

legacyAnd the wealth? The wealth will of course be passed onto the children you are going to bring into this world. Coupled with the love you have shared with them while you were around, you will see how wonderful they will turn out, Love, with wealth, makes an incredible human being and you will pass on knowing that you have left the world better than you met it- at least you have left behind more young men and angels that will carry on from where you dropped off.

This is a legacy worth leaving. This is a goal worth striving for. But most of all, the holy book commends it too.

Choose ye today to begin to live by the commandment of manliness!

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