job search site

job search site

Hi, I’ll share with you the 1001 Companies you should not apply to on job sites.

Scammers are now using job sites that are very popular to defraud the innocent job seekers. How, you might say!

They usually post fake vacancies in order to obtain your details and next are to call you pretend to know you long ago and want to scam you! Like a report I narrated here

 Some would pretend to want to employ you but absorb you and send you into exile, while some will employ you; make you toil and never get to pay you until you’re frustrated and leave the job, some would delay their pay by using two to three months to pay salaries that mean for a month.

Some now devise a strategy by obtaining your details; send you unsolicited text message for interview/aptitude test; you usually would not remember when you applied, their company name hidden! They would call you for interview claim they want to train you so that you can become a partner or your own boss, be assured, if you don’t have a natural passion for what they would lure you into, you will end up frustrated, during the so call training, they’ll paint it white and black but hide the fact that you have to indirectly run their business with your money, charge you for training and kits, give you products to sell, lure you to build a team to increase your point, indirectly making you a sales representative and a recruit manager, which you have to build with your personal earnings in the name of making you a partner indeed. In this kind of scam, you end up giving up completely when you cannot meet the target and building so called team. Please let’s wise up.


(i) Don’t apply to companies that hide their details, especially, their company name and website url in the name of “confidential”.

(ii) Don’t apply to company without a website or online reputation, some scammer might because of this information and create a fake site. Ensure they have at least facebook page, with over 100 likes, if any of your friend liked them, try and ask your friends how much they know about those companies they liked. It’s better to be on internship or offer a voluntary service in a reputable organisation than apply to those scammers and be frustrated.

(iii) Ensure that they indicate the salary range before you applied to them, not really necessary but important if you need to filter the companies that would not satisfied your desired salary.

Some would pretend they can pay you when they detect that you have so much to offer. If you are lucky to have the first month salary paid on time, afterwards, you’ll start experiencing unbearable delay in salary, if you’re stubborn to stay with them in the name of persistence, they’ll start owing you 1,2,3 even to 5 months, begging you to be patient  while they indirectly running their business with your sweat. I hope this piece of information would convince and not confuse you in your next job search.  Good luck.

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