Okazi  is  a  traditional  Nigerian  soup  made  from  the  forest plant  called  Gentum Africanum,  popularly  known as Okazi by the Igbo  people. The Igbo’s cherish okazi  so  much mainly because  of its  medicinal  value which  is very good  for  the human digestive system, it  is  used to prepare alot  of recipes  like  okazi soup, okazi yam pottage, etc. Below is therefore steps to guide you  on  how to prepare  a nice  and  tasty okazi  soup.


1 Pound of meat, cleaned and cut intobite-sized pieces
1 hot chille pepper,
1 onion, chopped into slices,Several periwinkles,
2 pieces dried fish
2 pounds okazi leaves,(cleaned)  pounded in a mortar and  pestle.
1 pound water  leaf, (cleaned and torn  into  pieces).
1 cup dried  prawn, (pounded)
1 cup red oil or palm oil, Stock fish.


1. Get a  clean pot, wash and clean your stock fish properly and  boil, then add  already seasoned  and  boiled meat and  simmer for 5  minutes,
2. Add onion and chillies pepper, reduce heat and cover to simmer, In a separate  pan bring a few cups of lightly salt ed water to a boil.
3. Place the periwinkle in the  boiling  water, then cover and cook for 5 minutes,
4. Remove  snails from  water,  use  a  small fork to remove the snails from
the  shells.
5. Rinse the  snail meat in  a cool water,
6. Drain  and  sprinkle with  lime  or lemon juice.
7. Add the  properly  cleaned periwinkles,  dried  fish, and  water  leaf
into  the  pot of  stock  fish.
8. Cover  and  simmer for several  minutes.
9. Add pounded  okazi  leaves with  crushed  dried
prawn,  add palm  oil and  simmer  for 5  minutes  till
greens  are  completely soft  and  tender.
10. It is best eaten with pounded yam   or moulded garri (aka Eba).

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