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By Juliet Ebirim

So, we decided to do a continuation on this topic, because responses kept pouring in. The first part was published last week. Enjoy…

I can never, ever do that! – Bamidele Adunke aka Gmoney

I can never ever date or marry my friend’s ex. This is because when we all go out together, I will be suspicious thinking they probably still have feelings for each other. If they look at each other too much I will become jealous because I know they have been intimate before.

No, it’s like eating her left-over!- Ayomide Dawodu
My friend’s ex? I will if I am not aware they dated and I’m comfortable with him. But if I’m aware they dated I will never! That’s like eating my friend’s left-over. Such a friend will not be happy with me, that’s the sincere truth.

I can’t, I don’t care who he is – Enitan Odugbemi
No! I can never date my friend’s ex no matter who he is, except the lady in question is not my friend. The question of falling in love with him can never arise because he is my friend’s ex.

I won’t, but … – Oma Iyasara
Personally I won’t want to marry my friend’s ex but what if you two are meant to be, will you deprive yourself of happiness for a friend? Will the friend do the same? Let’s “Live and let live”, I will be pained at first but will get over it.

No, it may start a war with my friend – Amaka Obi
When it has to do with a man, women can be deadly. You don’t want to start a war with your friend because, trust me, she’ll never understand. I speak from experience. When it comes to issues that have to do with men, women can be deadly.

Only if I have my friend’s permission – Adokiye, Singer
Good things come from weird places, so is love. If he was the jerk who caused the break up with my friend and somehow he decides I’m the next victim, I will ask him why he feels I’m the saint that will change him. I will opt out from it because I believe no man change anyone except God. But if my friend was the jerk that caused the break up and somehow in the future, he decides I’m the one he loves, if I have feelings for him, then there is work to be done. I would make sure my friend gives her blessings and permission for us to go ahead. If she doesn’t give her permission and blessings, I will put a stop to it because I won’t make enemies because of something I’m not even sure of. It would be seen as betrayal if my friend is not in full support.

An ex is an ex – Yvonne Jegede
Yes, an ex is an ex. She has moved on, so should the guy. If she feels bad, then she must be a selfish person.

I can only if …- Funmi Awelewa

I can, only if I found out after I had gotten married to him or if my friend has moved on – that is, if she got married to another person or something. If not, I can’t date my friend’s ex no matter what.

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