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Source: www.huffingtonpost.com – Thursday, February 16, 2017
Why the Women's March on Washington Broke Google By Margaret Gardiner The Women's March on Washington broke google. Participants surpassed the limit of google form responses which may be unprecedented. Google had to set up a second form that is used as a head count, and the site advises people not to share links or fill out forms that are not navigated from womenmarch.com as there have been reports of on-line forms impersonating the one on the site. At this point more than 200 000 women are expected to turn up. Passengers en route to the Women's March On Washington the day of the Inauguration – Photo by Margaret Gardiner Along with the many statements of excitement at participating in a march to highlight unity and diversity, there is also a slight nervousness. On the Official Facebook page some are expressing wariness at potential clashes with Trump supporters, but the overall consensus seems to be that this will be a peaceful demonstration. The march's focus is about including the excluded, and those voices are coming together in a powerful statement. Inflammatory remarks about minorities by the incoming President have created an anti-PC climate. Given that many feel that dissension doesn't lead to discussion, but frames one an enemy resulting in mocking, threats and labels used to control and limit, the stance seems to be that its important to conduct oneself with decorum. Peaceful protest as a counter to some of the outrageous

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