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Source: hotair.com – Monday, February 06, 2017
Hyperbole? Maybe not . The NFL has seen a bigger comeback, when Frank Reich led the Buffalo Bills back from a 35-3 deficit in a 1993 playoff game, but … that wasn’t the Super Bowl, and it wasn’t against the league MVP and the offense that scored more regular-season points in league history. Tom Brady led the New England Patriots to an overtime win after being down 28-3 in the third quarter, and to a stunning overtime victory over the Atlanta Falcons. This video gives a pretty good summation of Super Bow LI’s wild ride: Just a few hours after the game’s stunning finish, Adam Kilgore called this the greatest game ever from an NFL quarterback, although for some reason Kilgore includes a shot at Donald Trump: Sunday, Brady played the greatest game of football the sport has seen. Not the most perfect, nor the most artistic, nor even the most excellent. Just the greatest. He led the Patriots back from a 28-3 deficit on a stage that had never seen anything better than a 10-point comeback. He passed for 466 yards, a Super Bowl record, and completed 43 of 62 passes. He led a 91-yard drive touchdown in the final four minutes, capped with a two-point conversion. The numbers are stupefying, and they would not have been unattainable if not for Brady’s central feature. He would not let anything that happened Sunday night make him anything less than whole. The Falcons slammed him and knocked him to the turf, and he betrayed no physical diminish

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