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Source: www.afa.net – Wednesday, February 08, 2017
In the past few weeks, social media has seen a lot of two types of images. One was of the January 21 Women’s March on Washington in D.C., where many angry women went to a level of vitriolic vulgarity that, personally, I found depraved and degrading. On the flipside of that, social media has been sponging up the cute images of the little kids in the new presidential family. For a few years, some on this side of the ocean have admired, perhaps with a little bit of envy, the adorable, picture-perfect family scenes of the British royals William and Kate and their babies. Now, suddenly, we’re excited that we have our own iconically cute family to display. Not a day has gone by that I haven’t seen my friends’ Facebook shares and likes of those images showing up, whether or not I follow them myself. One of the most popular may have been where Ivanka Trump gets down on the White House floor with her baby Theodore to interact with him crawling for the first time . Now, I don’t know much about Ivanka Trump or the other members of the family. And I know nothing about each of the individual women who participated in the march. But there is something about seeing the rich and powerful and successful acting like family – seeing a mom love and nurture her children, a woman absorbed in just being a mom – that fills peoples eyes with stars. There is something of fairytale idealism about it that makes it always popular and admired. And I believe t

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