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Source: kluv.cbslocal.com – Tuesday, February 07, 2017
Turns out it wasn’t just all of us losing our minds when Netflix unveiled its first look at season two of Stranger Things during the Super Bowl. Following the nostalgic teaser for season two came a couple of hints about the premiere date and the show setting a year after the first season. But the best part about this trailer was the contagious enthusiasm that came from the characters themselves watching the season two trailer. It was exactly how we were all feeling! It’s adorable. Last night's winning team celebrates their big comeback. pic.twitter.com/zCTb9G0woZ — Stranger Things (@Stranger_Things) February 7, 2017 the stranger things kids reacting to the season 2 trailer during the superbowl is the purest thing you'll ever see pic.twitter.com/cUsAAV1Agj — spooky jen christmas (@sivanempire) February 6, 2017 @Stranger_Things This is literally exactly what I did when I saw the trailer! #soexcited Halloween can't come soon enough! — Stevon V. (@HopeCvon) February 7, 2017

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