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Source: crooksandliars.com – Sunday, February 05, 2017
I don't do it often, but I must give HUGE props to CNN for refusing to book Kellyanne Conway this Sunday. Apparently, the White House is sending out Vice President Pence out today to most of the other shows, but he didn't have time to sit down with Jake Tapper. So they offered Kellyanne Conway as the Liar-to-be-named-later. And Tapper, to his credit, said "Thanks, but no thanks." If you're of the mind to do so, please let CNN and Tapper know (on Twitter @JakeTapper ) that you appreciate them not subjecting us to that barrage of massacre-creating spin. I think we need to pressure the news networks to do more of this. There really need to be consequences to such bald-faced lies. If you're interested in what you can do for a better American press, a great place to start is the " Indivertible Guide " from former producers of "Countdown" and "The Daily Show." read more

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