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Source: sacramento.cbslocal.com – Tuesday, February 07, 2017
SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Organizers of last month’s women’s march are now planning their next move. This comes after millions of people hit the pavement one day after President Trump was inaugurated. “Women are rising all around the country, saying enough is enough,” said Sacramento resident Elisa Parker, who has partnered with the Women’s March. Since then, the movement has stayed active. In fact, in cities all around the country, groups of people are meeting to discuss what’s next. Mary Villarruel was among those who marched in the capital city. Inspired by the tremendous turnout, she is now organizing her own community huddle. “We marched, now we huddle. The first action was to write postcards to your members of congress, and the second action is this, to meet with a group of 10-15 people,” said Villarruel. Referencing the group of about 15 people who were gathered in Midtown on Monday night, she adds “right now they’re talking about what they want to see in 4 years.” The community-based groups started forming after the march to develop a common message. “This is the way to do it, meeting in groups like this showing our support and organizing and growing,” said group member Tommy McKeith. So whats next for the women’s march supporters? Organizers posted on social media Monday about a general strike: A day without a woman. “Where people don’t shop, don’t buy anything,” said Villarruel. “I’m a teacher and I know a lot of my colleagu

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