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Source: www.techdirt.com – Monday, January 23, 2017
Last Friday, the first three of Donald Trump's appointments were up for vote — with his DOD and DHS nominees sailing through with an easy vote. However, the Senate blocked Mike Pompeo, Trump's nominee for CIA. As we've discussed in the past, Pompeo is not concerned with violating civil liberties. In the past, we've noted that Pompeo put forth a sneaky fake amendment that pretended to defund NSA metadata collection, but which really reinforced it. He's further defended spying on Americans' metadata as the way government is supposed to operate . Oh, and did we mention that he angrily denounced SXSW for daring to have Ed Snowden speak there. That's all quite concerning. But in opposing Pompeo for the CIA slot , Senator Ron Wyden has raised even more concerns — including about Pompeo's willingness (or even eagerness) to use information hacked by the Russians to spy on Americans (and not just the Russians, but anyone else as well). That… should be concerning. As Marcy Wheeler explains, there were a long series of questions all leading up to the basic idea that Pompeo has no problem using whatever info is given to him to spy on people domestically, even if it comes from foreign hacking. Wyden’s persistent concerns in his post-hearing questions pertained to whether and how Pompeo would be willing to cooperate with the Russians. Raising a Pompeo hearing comment that if a foreign partner gave the CIA information on US persons “indepen

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