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Source: reason.com – Tuesday, January 31, 2017
The nomination of Betsy Devos to head the Department of Education passed the relevant Senate committee on a party line 12-11 vote, after a brief delay when Democrats objected to Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) voting by proxy. NPR has a piece today explaining "how school choice might work" under DeVos, drawing from a ranking by the school choice advocacy group Americans for Children (AFC) which DeVos chaired. The group ranked Florida's school choice program number one in the country, although NPR noted the group only ranked states were students were explicitly allowed to choose religious schools. Later, it explains that according to Florida's school choice scholarship organization, students benefiting from the program are overwhelmingly African-American and Hispanic, and more than 70 percent of scholarship money goes toward religious, predominantly Christian, schools. Denying students such a choice severely limits their opportunities for little discernable reason other than a distaste for religious-run institutions, many of whom serve as important providers in marginalized communities. Religious schools, Christian and otherwise, have a long history in the United States, including being looked at with suspicion about disloyalty during the xenophobic period surrounding World War I. More importantly, such schools have track-records in the communities that they serve. Comprehensive school choice ought to give parents the opportunity to acc

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