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Source: mediamatters.org – Wednesday, January 25, 2017
STEPHANIE RUHLE (HOST): Yesterday Sean Spicer was somewhat??trying to walk us back from this??voter fraud, saying, "Well, President Trump has believed this,??he's heard it in some reports." And we heard from guys like [Sen.] Lindsey Graham [(R-SC)] saying, "There??is no fact??behind this.??The president needs to retract??this."??Yet, you're on the?? Today?? show??this morning basically debunking??this, saying that there is no proof,??and within minutes, ba-boom,??Donald Trump sending out a??tweet, launching a major??investigation.??So what's happening here??? ARI MELBER: Well I'll tell you part of what's happening and??you lay it out well.??I was speaking with Matt Lauer??about why these claims are false??and but if they were true, of course??you would have an??investigation if??3??to??5??million??people committed crimes and as??you say within about two minutes we saw those two tweets from??Donald Trump.??Here are the facts though.??Pew??has done the study that was??mischaracterized by the campaign??and by now the government.??They basically found 24 million entries on??voting rolls where there was a??wrong name because a voter died,??moved,??or had been inactive.??That's a paperwork problem.??It does not go towards whether??there are people committing the??crimes.??And the author of that study has??rebutted this repeatedly, most??recently saying, "As primary??author of the report the Trump??camp cited, I can confirm the report??

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