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One of the best natural remedies for the symptoms of menopause is bitter leaf. Bitter leaf or verononia amygdalina is the name of a leafy shrub or small tree that can reach 23 feet in height when fully grown. It is widely eaten in East and West part of Africa. For example in the eastern part, the Swahilis and Tanzanians call it mujonso. While in the western part, for example Nigeria, the urobos and the itsekiris call it orugbo , the yorubas call it ewuro, while the igbos call it onugbo. The bitter leaf is an adaptogenic tonic that helps with restoration of the stamina. Even animals realised how important it is and many of them eat this plant when they become sick.



Some of the principal chemical compounds found in the bitter leaf herb are known as steroid glycoside type verononioside BI. These compounds poss potent anti-parasitic. anti-inflamatory, anti- tumor, and anti-bacteria effects. Currently the bitter leaf features in the herbal treatment used for more than 25 common ailments including fever, different kind of intestinal diseases like malaria and other vector borne diseases.

Women’s menopause usually comes with disturbing symptoms like hot flashes, dehydration, etc. bitter leaf especially when in solution helps a woman approaching or witnessing menopause to maintain the body system during or before menopause without witnessing the ugly effects of the symptoms of menopause.

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