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Source: www.dailykos.com – Sunday, February 12, 2017
There was a shudder in the English-speaking world as news comes that Lord Dampnut could get his round of golf at Balmoral where the Queen might be forced to watch a mediocre game of golf. There’s a backlash against the Commons Speaker John Bercow, but also the offer by Dampnut that he would speak to a stadium crowd with the usual promise(sic) to give proceeds to charity. The timing of the visit could be when many Brits are on holiday and take place with minimal time in London. And as though there needed to be more reasons to learn Québécois, Sarah Palin has been floated as US ambassador to Canada, although it could be as speculative as the earlier suggestion that she could become the VA cabinet secretary. U.S. President Donald Trump’s state visit to the U.K. will be postponed until sometime between late August and the end of September, and most likely occur when Parliament is in summer recess, according to the Guardian newspaper, which cited unidentified U.K. government officials. President to come to London when U.K. Parliament in recess Timing of the visit would avoid formal snub, newspaper says www.bloomberg.com/… x Sarah Palin could soon have a new job, and Canadians are furious https://t.co/FIVtLiZJEK — The Independent (@Independent) February 12, 2017 “Appointing Sarah Palin as the US ambassador to Canada is, like, ultimate trolling,” noted one . “If he makes Sarah Palin the US Ambassador to Canada. I say we keep our o

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