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Source: www.myfoxspokane.com – Friday, February 10, 2017
A new estimate of about five to six feet of snow dumped onto Boundary County this week, which remains under a state of emergency. Crews say they’ve put at least 200 truck loads of snow into the river near Bonners Ferry to try and get rid of it, which is only allowed during a state of emergency.  The city has gone as far as getting people from outside Bonners Ferry to help in any way they can so things can get back to normal.  20 Orofino inmates got straight to work early Thursday morning, shoveling off the snow from critical buildings like the roof of the Boundary County Fairgrounds and the Community Restorium, where the snow was weighing down. “These guys were so great to come out here. Look the roof is clear,” said Beatrice Madill, a resident at the Community Restorium.  She can’t thank the guys enough. The inmates are the same ones that help fight forest fires in the summer.  Everyone living inside the Community Restorium are so grateful the roof over their heads is now safe that they decided to pass around a thank you card and sign it for the inmates.  “I’m just really greatful for them because can you imagine us old folks trying to go out there and shovel all that snow? We can’t do it!” said Madill.  It’s not just the inmates that are helping, the whole community is pitching in. Emergency management  says there have been no reports of injuries or actual roof collapse on homes. They also say, they could be out of a state of e

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