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Source: news.nationalpost.com – Saturday, February 11, 2017
WINNIPEG, Manitoba — Almost three months after Bashir Yussuf watched Donald Trump win the presidential election, he made his way to Noyes, Minnesota, where he set off at night into the snow-filled woods and crawled across the unmarked border into Canada. “I saw what was coming,” said Yussef, 28, who fled his home in Somalia in 2013 to make a circuitous, five-month voyage to San Diego, where he applied for asylum but was rejected. “I knew Trump was going to deport me.” After a three-hour walk, much of it through deep drifts, Yussuf arrived in Emerson, a small farming town in sight of the snow-swept border with both North Dakota and Minnesota. Emerson’s 700 inhabitants have long known “border hoppers,” often offering them lifts to the nearby Canadian Border Services Agency office. But they have never seen them coming in these numbers. Aaron Vincent Elkaim/The New York Times Bashir Yussuf at the Winnipeg Central Mosque in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Feb. 9, 2017. Denied asylum in the United States and fearing President Donald Trump's deportation rhetoric, the Somali refugee set off at night from Minnesota, crawled across the unmarked border into Canada and walked for hours, much of it through deep snow, to Emerson, a common stopping point for new arrivals. The morning before Yussuf arrived with another Somali last Sunday night, 19 other Africans had emerged on the Canadian side of the border, cold and hungry after walking much of th

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